SEO Company New York Offers Tips On The Proper Use Of Landing Pages To Target Particular Products Or Keywords

New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Wilmington, DE, Chicago (PRWEB) July 02, 2013

What is a Landing Page?

In past years, many SEO companies were setting up Landing Pages using separate domains and redirecting the user back to some homepage. This is a spammy (black hat) SEO technique and should be avoided. The proper way to use a Landing Page is to create an individual page within the website itself. A Landing Page is a webpage that focuses on specific content targeted towards that product or keyword.

Aside from being able to optimize Landing Pages for top SERPs, it makes it easier to track and analyze visitors actions and conversions for specific products. So the main intent of a Landing Page is to optimize the user experience when visiting a website by focusing the content on that product or keyword. This will also automatically gain Authorship, increase traffic to that site and lead to a higher conversion rate.

Why Landing Pages Are a Good SEO Practice?

As mentioned, simply optimizing a Landing Page and redirecting visitors to a homepage can leave visitors very confused and Leary, which can lead to a negative user experience and a loss of potential customers. Some sites will try to implement a Landing Page process to some degree, but fall short of following through and optimizing the Landing Pages for top SERP. Often these pages are not properly optimized or do not have proper content for SEO and visitor purposes, which lead to minimum results at best!

What if the visitor hasn’t made a purchasing decision yet? Or what if someone is looking for a very specific product (long-tailed keyword)? This is the advantage of having dedicated Landing Pages and when properly optimized, they will allow for a better user experience and lead to an increased web traffic and more conversions.


By combining good content with good SEO, a Landing Page can be leveraged not only for top SERPs for a specific targeted keyword, but also is a great way of leveraging and capturing Long-tailed keywords. Also, by focusing quality content on specific products, this can combine more keywords and links.


By creating different Landing Pages for specific products and keywords, it will allow for a great opportunity to track the effectiveness of the SEO and conversions. Website owners can then modify the Landing Page content as required to increase SERPs, web traffic and offer a better user experience.

In Summary:

Ultimately, Landing Pages are a great SEO tool to allow website owners to promote particular products and track the success of each Landing Page. They can then alter their Landing Page accordingly to adapt the content based on the result findings.

As a website and business owner, if your SEO company is using Landing Pages. Its very important to know exactly how they are setting them up to ensure they are being implemented properly. A spammy Landing Page redirect can ultimately loose rankings or get penalized from the search engine websites.

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