SEO Consultancy Ltd Get 98% Approval from Their Customers

(PRWEB) September 27, 2013

Based in London, UK SEO Consultancy Ltd have over the last 4 years seen unparalleled growth in their client base. So much so that this SEO Company has just announce the launch of their New York and a SEO Dubai hub, to cater for their middle eastern clients.

In a survey performed in early 2013 an astounding 98% of their existing customers have said they will or have already recommended SEO Consultancy Ltd to their friends or colleagues. More over the survey discovered, that this amazing percentage is also reflected in the company providing value for money.

With many companies, charging atrocious amounts and not delivering any relevant results, there is not wonder that SEO Consultants have been getting a bad reputation as of late. This problem is indicative of the fact that most SEO Consultants are not very well qualified, and have little or no experience in delivering large traffic volumes and maximizing customer revenues.

SEO Consultancy Ltd is headed by Dr Mohammed Mansoor Siddique, who is an Aerospace Engineer, with two PhD’s. One in Active control of Turbulent boundary layers (Aerospace), and the other in Mathematics (Differentiation of Wavelets, to determine random events). Using these technical expertise SEO Consultancy LTD is bringing science back to SEO, using ethical methods that deliver consistent and safe rankings for their clients.

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