SEO Expert … Grammarians Shop of Horrors (1 of 2)

SEO Expert … Grammarians Shop of Horrors (1 of 2)

Image by Jeff McNeill
Mark up the boo boos in this bit of turgid SEO "evangelism"

3 thoughts on “SEO Expert … Grammarians Shop of Horrors (1 of 2)

  1. Hit ’em again! I laughed my way through two pages of you kicking the snot out of whoever this is, thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. Thanks; you wield the red pen of justice for all of us. How’d I find you? I just stumbled onto your photo from the creative commons page on flickr.

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  3. This is horrible. This is why WebiMax created Webimax Scams, so consumers can educate themselves about ethical SEO practices. Though poor grammar may not be unethical, it does reflect on the type of service a consumer is likely to receive. If a company cannot be bothered to edit their own copy, then how are they going to provide their customers with quality content?

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