Seo Fernandez – Remenea – OFFICIAL VIDEO

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Seo Fernandez – Remenea – OFFICIAL VIDEO

  1. ppotsas says:

    Great song! Rueda de Casino Thessaloniki Guinness World Record 2014

  2. Valdéia Maria says:


  3. Iliq Kostov says:

    Невероятна песен и страхотни ритми има ;)

  4. musicalatina says:

    LATINOS!!! yolanda mari <3

  5. Desislava Latkovska says:

    something for tomorow 😉 (dance) 

  6. Hitomi A.F. says:


  7. Diana Dalla says:


  8. AZ4everALKMAAR says:

    Tomorrows dance competition here in Lithuania where I will participate, my partner and I will perform with this song. Looking forward to it. And with this song, We hope to win. 😀 .

  9. j'adore Chanel says:

    Goooooood! Love it :)

  10. kikko bello says:


  11. Pavel Vospěl says:

    So this video is SUPER WAUTIP

  12. Fabiola Zuñiga Diaz says:

    gran temasoooo me encanta!!!!

  13. Hazar Sarıçimen says:

    one of the best salsa music!!!

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