SEO Firms are Shifting to Content Marketing as the SEO Content Services Industry is Changing Rapidly, Leading Marketing Agency Blu180 Observes.

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 30, 2013

SEO firms and advertising agencies working with Blu180s wholesale internet marketing services are adapting to the new trends of online marketing by focusing more on modern SEO content services and less on the contrived SEO practices that used to dominate the market until relatively recently. Modern content marketing adopts a SEO take on content and infuses it with any existing content strategies to produce a brutally effective online marketing tool, fueled by todays online interconnectivity.

Thanks to the latest Google updates, focus is now given on quality of links instead of quantity, completely reshaping the face of the online marketing arena by putting the demand for well-planned SEO content services and quality content on the forefront. As search engines continue to evolve, there is less and less room for the mechanical SEO tricks of old that are today regarded as ineffective, untrustworthy or too risky for any brand that aims at long-term results. Instead, original and appealing content is becoming increasingly important for virtually all online marketing purposes, and brands seeking to stay ahead of the curve have adapted accordingly.

As a leading wholesale marketing agency, Blu180 has been offering SEO-focused content marketing strategy services since before the advent of Google Panda and Penguin, establishing a substantial head start for its resellers and corporate clients. Blu180s focus on quality content marketing that predated the notorious updates has helped brands adapt to the new search engine demands without losing momentum in their respective markets.

As the SEO content service industry is changing rapidly, companies who seek to rise at the top are now approaching SEO with new methodologies and a definite shift in their marketing mentality as content takes the center stage, outlined a Director at Blu180.

Blu180 understands that in order for a content marketing strategy to be effective today, focus must be given on comprehensive keyword research and flexible keyword usage that flows naturally within the content, trusting search engine advancements to correctly assess quality instead of trying to game search engine algorithms. This top-down approach to content marketing strategy produces cleverly designed, search-aware content instead of random, keyword-stuffed articles that have little to no practical SEO use today. This new marketing approach is rounded up with effective content distribution and comprehensive metrics that ensure control and render all results easily measurable.

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