SEO Friendly Real Estate Website Provider Releases New Programs

Largo, FL (PRWEB) August 20, 2013

In today’s online environment, many realtors are discovering just how important it is to main a SEO friendly real estate website. For many, this website is the equivalent of a digital business card. For others, a SEO friendly real estate website is their main source of leads and their primary method for which they generate business.

Because of the way the current marketing trends are shifting, more real estate professionals than ever are beginning to allocate more resources to their online portfolios. Many have chosen a company like ARME for their real estate search engine optimization programs as they have recently released a proprietary web development toolkit designed to build massive, targeted web portals for real estate professionals.

“Once a prospective real estate customer sees our YouTube demo, it is clear to see just how powerful our system is. Real estate professionals can now zero in on their exact customer type in the cities and zip codes they prefer to do business in. It’s local real estate search marketing on steroids,” states Simon Landers, spokesperson.

More information can be found on their website ARME They have linked their online demonstration from the top of their website, and any questions can be answered by simply calling the number on their website (727) 459-8841. With real estate making a comeback in many markets around the country, many real estate professionals would agree that now is the time to focus their attention to the internet for their marketing dollars.

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