Seo Hyowon Vs Kasumi Ishikawa: Final [Korea Open 2013]

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18 thoughts on “Seo Hyowon Vs Kasumi Ishikawa: Final [Korea Open 2013]

  1. I would like inform eveybody who knows Natalia Partyka as a person and Table tenis player, than she was not support by major of city of Gdansk who did not find ANY financial support for her and others players even one cent for help. this is real Poland where communist stealing tax payers moneys for them selves and do not help sportsmens like Natalia Partyka .This is Poland at present time. Corruption follows corruption of nominated people who has no any moral and responsibility to others.

  2. Great tense match and a worthy finals. I was happy hyowon won but felt a bit sorry for kasumi because of all the luck against her. I think hyowon is the first player I’ve seen who serves BH serves exclusively. Her last serve at match point was a perfectly timed surprise!!!

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