SEO in 2013 – What to Do (and AVOID like the plague!) – In this video I interview Alex Becker from, who shares …
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13 Responses to SEO in 2013 – What to Do (and AVOID like the plague!)

  1. albert albert says:

    how come his site is only pr2

  2. Lyman Perrine says:

    I would also build social profiles, bookmarks, etc… to your other sites in the link network besides your main site. Another idea is to not let those sites go to waste. Make sure to optimize them for other related keywords also so you can get organic traffic adding more validity to the sites. Be creative and add value to your target market. Don’t be spammy but be persistent. With that you will achieve amazing results :)

  3. Lyman Perrine says:

    This strategy works. I was doing this even 3 years ago and have ranked hundreds of sites and boosted brand new domains to PR 3 in 2 months time using similar techniques. The key is in how you host these sites and the quality of the content. As long as your adding great quality content and being ethical in your linking it’s very powerful. Another technique I would add to this is doing professional press releases.

  4. soldwithvideo says:

    Good luck with the Niche Site Duel. I enjoyed all three interviews you did. There was a lot of good info…white hat, gray hat, black, hat what works, what doesn’t, what is risky, etc. Good stuff!

  5. seoservices adelaide says:

    will say jus thanx…… im waiting for it to finally work…

  6. tom york says:

    The Steve Vai signature guitar in the back makes up for the Walmart Desk

  7. SonyKpK says:

    Are You recognize yourself?

  8. xaviell says:

    Solid information here. I checked out Source-Wave, couldn’t stop reading. Thanks Pat for this interview!

  9. rosstcorbett says:

    Hi Pat, another very interesting video. Can I just ask what software you use for the interview, is it Skype? Thanks Pat.

  10. Manuela Ursu says:

    Hei pat could you help me? i want to automatically send a link from my webpage on a social media without me having to do it anymore. do you know something that makes that? i could use my time in designing more products and all the rest. thanks in advance

  11. Timothy Morrison says:

    Check out all the Canon gear… :-)

  12. Reg Hobbs says:

    Pat…I’ve read some of the comments that were skeptical about Alex’s methods using high PR site to help move sites up the rankings. I just want to say that I have used everything that Alex has said and I am ranking a lot of my sites up the rankings fairly quickly. Alex is unable to get into great detail how it is done due to the short time on the interview but he is very careful and clever in avoiding any Google slaps…and so am I. Alex is truly ingenious in his methods. They work

  13. Gary Anderson II says:

    Hi Pat! Gary from Tennessee here, Good to see ya talking more about SEO. I believe those who are upset are missing the point. I don’t use tricks for my clients and my Daughters VRE’s, but I like to play around with other experimental stuff once in a while. Thanks for this fresh new angle Pat!!! 😉

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