SEO in 2014 – What Google Won’t Say

SEO in 2014 - What Google Won't Say

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21 thoughts on “SEO in 2014 – What Google Won’t Say

  1. Google won’t say that he loves me, another great video +Lisa Irby . You drawing skills has been improved a lot you now able to draw straight lines :P. I need your advice on something(prefer not in public). How can i contact you-ba-doo- :-)

  2. What’s working with SEO in 2014? Have you ever wondered if Matt Cutts tells the truth in his videos? Is it the whole truth and nothing but the truth?? Find out what +2createawebsite has to say about SEO and more in this awesome video. 

  3. Another great video from +Lisa Irby – cutting through the twaddle and getting real with SEO in 2014. Listen out for an awesome imitation of Matt Cutts and an interesting diversion on cucumber cooking. But in all seriousness – this’ll put things in the right perspective 🙂 Great stuff, Lisa, thank you :)

  4. Keep writing quality content. Keep making quality content. Keep sharing quality content. Keep focusing on quality. At the end of the day, that’s all we want as the end user anyway! Nice video Lisa. 

  5. Not to get off topic but why don’t you ever talk about list building? Online marketers preach that it’s so important for small businesses. 

  6. Lisa, love all your video tutorials! You don’t speak much about Google adsense. I’m doing well with google adsense on YOUTUBE videos, but want to know what the best way would be to get more traffic to my BLOG’ which is about the same subject as my youtube videos, but with more content. My Youtube channels also get about 3-4 Million views per month, so what would be the best way to LINK back to BLOGs as you cannot backlink on youtube. I’ve put the link to my BLOGs in the description on my YT channels, but it really has done nothing. Can I legally put a LINK in the actual video that says something like, CLICK here if you liked this video and want find out more about….blah blah? Is this legal? If not, what is your best suggestion? Thanks Rick

  7. Thanks for the candid explanation. It’s great to hear educated opinions that aren’t in some way tilted toward self promotion. Thanks very much!

  8. WOW! 3,685 Visitors in 2 weeks! That is great work. I saw the Video on Davesharpeblog com about the New Internet Tool you are using that has brought you in so much more traffic. I see that 2014 has started off well for you! 

  9. Lisa, can you talk about the recent Google Adsense controversy. I know Google has denied it, but we want to hear your thoughts about it.

  10. I agree with you 100% on your theory of the direction of SEO. However I’m surprise you didn’t mention the importance of Authorship and Structured Data. Would you agree that these elements also play a key role in the new direction of SEO?

  11. Excellent presentation. You are very knowledgeable. Though most of this information I think would be for business owners rather than marketers it is still good to get a refresher. In regards to Hummingbird I understand the semantic, contextual and conversational search query. What I don’t fully get is Matt Cutts( even from the spam team still speaks about search query) was putting more emphasis on mobile and tablet for Humingbird but was using desktop based search as examples. So is Humingbird universal on all devices or is it targeting mobile more?

  12. Very Interesting content. I work with a lot of local businesses and it’s like a business has to become a mini media publisher with blogs, YouTube Channels, an automated list of social media posts, social media pages, email marketing, and G+ search engine listings, and a website all in the mix to drive traffic. I like how you always stress we can’t just rely on Google. Good stuff!

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