Seo In Guk (서인국) – Calling You (부른다)

Seo In Guk (서인국) - Calling You (부른다)

대한민국이 선택한 72만분의 1 사나이 서인국을 위한 프로듀서 방시혁의 선물! 서인국 1st mini “부른다” 엠넷미디어측은 “미니 앨범에 들어가는 노래들은 슈퍼스타K 방송 직후 서인국만의 스타일로 탄생 …

13 thoughts on “Seo In Guk (서인국) – Calling You (부른다)

  1. hes like kelly clarkson, like household name for the singing competition, but hes extra awesome because he can act too. *love kelly tho. SEO IN GUK WOOHOOOO!!!!!! <3

  2. The guy on the mv looks a little bit like kwangsoo from running man. Seo in guk lose a lot of weight. He still looks good looking as before. But he’s more hot when he losses weight. I love his voice. And his drama

  3. +0817kings Haha yeah…Seo Inguk actually became famous because of his voice on Superstar K and after that his career totally took off. I liked him a lot in Master’s Sun, but if you really want to see his acting shine…Reply 1997 is a winner. ^^

  4. My favorite song by Seo In Guk… still love it like when I first discovered him before he got popular.. sigh… he’s one with ultimate vocal talents.. on replay while I’m grooming myself.. teehee.. 

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