Seo In Guk ft Jung Eun Ji – All For You

Seo In Guk ft Jung Eun Ji - All For You

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Seo In Guk ft Jung Eun Ji – All For You

  1. ljoehun says:

    Who are they?

  2. Diana Florendo says:

    how cute. I hope you guys won’t break up. I’m envious!

  3. Rizki Firdausi says:

    Crying bcs of this :’) they are so sweet~~

  4. MrMojackoman says:

    they are not eunji and in guk haha

  5. Jhaneya Sharief says:

    I think they’re not just couple I think they are married couple how sweet…. they look so good together I hope they stay happy together..

  6. dreamland05 says:

    what a cute.. i cant stop smiling.. and laughing while she is bite his lips! wakakaka

  7. Minh Ngọc says:

    2:58 LOL =)))))) I can’t stop smiling when watching this video. They’re so cute.

  8. Kate Wanganeen says:

    I was gonna say how can these 2 not have parents around lol 

  9. Michiko Dafilmoto says:

    Theyre so cute :”> are they real couples? im gonna ship them~

  10. alyssa dones says:

    I wonder if theyre still together.. well hopefully they are though.. 

  11. Anh Duy Nguyễn says:

    Reply 1997 in real life ?

  12. Reyna Navia says:

    Soo sweet….

  13. Kyla Mandia says:

    I want this Couple They are CUTE

  14. Audrey Catimbao says:

    Love them both

  15. kim jhe youn says:

    i hope they love get forever, ever and ever

  16. Alfiana Tarani says:

    who r they?? seems so good together

  17. popo coco says:

    Thats just like scandal video..

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