Seo In Guk Ft. Verbal Jint – I Can’t Live Because Of You MV [Eng/Rom/Han] HD

Artist: Seo In Gook Ft. Verbal Jint Song: I Can’t Live Because Of You (너 땜에 못살아) Album: Y.BIRD FROM JELLYFISH ISLAND WITH SEO IN GUK Blog: Twitter: Instagram @lovekpopsubs —–Credits—– Han/Rom: kpopparazzi Eng: pop!gasa Don’t forget to rate, leave a comment & Subscribe :) NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to Seo In Guk Ft. Verbal Jint – I Can’t Live Because Of You MV [Eng/Rom/Han] HD

  1. happybubble24 says:


  2. 辰羽 郭 says:

    i love this song!! 

  3. ppyongbyoungminify says:

    Am i the only one thinking that inguk looks like myungsoo at 03.56?

  4. ppyongbyoungminify says:

    Oh,shoot..that smile.. *Died*

  5. kimd4110 says:

    from infinite… the one he act with in reply 1997.. hoya has crush on him in that drama…

  6. karenkuok1233 says:

    de chorus is nice, but de rap part is sadly…. ahem

  7. hsm143 says:

    Hoya is a member of INFINITE and he was with seo in-guk in the drama reply 1997

  8. XxxXPrincess10XxxX says:

    Okay. I just died!!! x_x love you oppa!!!

  9. Sulli ling says:

    love you tooo ~~ heart pounding too fast~~ faint* <3 <3 <3

  10. xOUTSiD3R says:

    Whos Hoya?

  11. Ellie Jade says:

    In Guk is so loveable ^^

  12. calista sianipar says:

    let me drown in a puddle of feels

  13. babyyheavennn says:

    Where are you? Come to me. InGuk bb, I expect you here in 24 hours kay? 😉

  14. kissu strawburri says:

    hahahahahaha i hate you so not attractive so gross im goING TO PUnch you i nthe face sir

  15. Kieyla graphy says:

    “LOVE YOU” Me : *Dead*

  16. Melixo1 says:

    THE ENDING. <3333333

  17. mizumiMJ says:

    3:39.. perfect! love u too… teeheeXD

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