“Seo In Guk The Bed Wetter,” Teased Kyuhyun

lol guys chill it’s just a joke between two close friends. for original video: mamma mia ep. 7, engsubbed by kbsworld.

22 thoughts on ““Seo In Guk The Bed Wetter,” Teased Kyuhyun

  1. “I went to the bathroom in my dream” that happens whatever age you are, if you dream about going to the toilet you go to the toilet in real life so you wet the bed :3

  2. Owwww kyuhyun oppa looks soo handsome and funny and EVIIIIL here ;):):) its not a surprise that Seo guy took a revenge :)))) but they seem so cute as a couple i have to admit that:) 

  3. I’m in heaven, can kyuhyun and inguk be more cuter than this. But please inguk oppa don’t hurt kyuhyun oppa he’s just teasing… That’s his normal self. 

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