“Seo In Guk The Bed Wetter,” Teased Kyuhyun

lol guys chill it’s just a joke between two close friends. for original video: mamma mia ep. 7, engsubbed by kbsworld.

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22 Responses to “Seo In Guk The Bed Wetter,” Teased Kyuhyun

  1. the happiest says:

    Why does Inguk have to be that cute?? <3 <3

  2. Fifion says:

    “I went to the bathroom in my dream” that happens whatever age you are, if you dream about going to the toilet you go to the toilet in real life so you wet the bed :3

  3. only 8408 says:

    Are Kyuhyun and Seo In Guk friends? Inguk is older, but Kyuhyun is sunbae. I think they match well, they’re so cute teasing each other!

  4. FtislandCnblueGtJH says:

    KyuHyun is such an asshole! I love him! xD 

  5. bita jafari says:

    Owwww kyuhyun oppa looks soo handsome and funny and EVIIIIL here ;):):) its not a surprise that Seo guy took a revenge :)))) but they seem so cute as a couple i have to admit that:) 

  6. desiderataification says:

    Kyu’s pissed off face at 4:50 cracks me up :)

  7. ShadeSounds says:

    2:23 Khun’s like “I am SO SORRY….but this is hilarious!”

  8. Atika Hwodan says:

    am i the only one who found it cute ??? LMAO the way they teasing each other 

  9. Jeanny Yunizar says:

    i like inguk , i like Kyuhyun

  10. Filipa Pacheco says:

    Kyuhyun you meanie >.< WHY U BULLING OPPA IN GUK :( hahaha so funny his expressions 😛 kyoptaaaaa!! 

  11. RookE2011 says:

    I feel like everyone has that dream…I ALWAYS have those dreams…had a few close calls…idk why I wanted to share this..oh well

  12. Joy Lu says:

    2:40 omg his finger bends like mine…. except mine is even more 

  13. rina hee says:

    I spat out my coffee and laughed after watching kyuhyun being tackled…lol i love him but i support inguk here hahaha evil maknae

  14. T GC says:

    what does it mean when kyuhyun said Inguk uses only 1 tissue when going to the bathroom?

  15. Yak Ssecnirp says:

    I’m in heaven, can kyuhyun and inguk be more cuter than this. But please inguk oppa don’t hurt kyuhyun oppa he’s just teasing… That’s his normal self. 

  16. tycOBuSsSsS says:

    OMO… Inguk is so cute with the girl acting..

  17. Mimi Kkam 1004 says:

    they look close friend i’m i wrong loool love both 

  18. Angel Chu says:

    Really cute kkkkk

  19. Yumie Wookie says:

    I loves kyunhyun..i also agree why we called him sharptongue..

  20. Jenn Timbol says:

    khunnie to the rescue…..hehehe

  21. Guadalupe Soto says:

    Seo In Guk broke Kyuhyun’s bracelet while doing the move…

  22. Rossenfolds says:

    AH Seo In Guk is so good at acting even on demonstration. Woh!! He changed like a flip of a switch.

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