Seo In Guk “Would We Have Been Happy” feature Goo Hye Sun English sub

No Infringement Intended video and photos credit to Goo Hye Sun soompi thread Love You Sunnies :) english sub credit to

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19 Responses to Seo In Guk “Would We Have Been Happy” feature Goo Hye Sun English sub

  1. Anna Widyastuti says:

    Beautiful song ……. nice lyrics

  2. easter joy laguerta says:

    i <3 it

  3. Dragosdddddd says:

    great song

  4. Febri Asianti says:

    the new king of ballad is born :)

  5. isla corrina says:

    Nice voice..nice lyrics…good jobs hye sun and seo in guk…

  6. hyesun sunny says:

    cute voice hyesun ! fighting !

  7. Ana Camarote says:

    seo in guk voice is so addicting, with goo hye sun in it, makes the song perfect!!!

  8. Liz Conde says:

    i love it sing is very romantic

  9. jazzborj says:

    I love the way they sing it. Thanks sis for the engsub 😀

  10. ctsweetyangel says:

    TQ 4 d sub. Love it so..:-) love d song 2 :-)

  11. jollymollyize says:

    Love Goo Hye Sun and Seo In Guk singing together section!! Love the lyrics! Goo hye Sun rocks!

  12. akoito mg says:

    This song was composed & music by Ku Hye Sun for Seo In Guk

  13. gpwls0029 says:

    인국씨!!!  완전감동^^

  14. love730104 says:

    노래 너므좋다 ㅠㅠ 목소리 완전멋짐

  15. k57446132 says:

    노래정말조아요~~아련 아련~~~

  16. akoito mg says:

    Very Inspiring song… love the part with Ku Hye Sun..

  17. nour samir says:

    yes :D

  18. heesun Keheesun says:

    شكرا كتير حلوة

  19. Maricel Veluz says:

    A million thanks for the subs! You’re the best!

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