Seo In Guk’s house revealed @When A Man Lives Alone

[ENG SUB] I Live Alone Pilot Episode Cut – Part 1 [CookiesFromGukkie_subs]: Here is the channel created by me and…
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19 Responses to Seo In Guk’s house revealed @When A Man Lives Alone

  1. Janice Lee says:

    part 2 please :”)

  2. Jonathan Tan says:

    Hi Jennydth.. can you send me the 2nd part also? I searched everywhere but to no avail. Thank you ^^ Cheers

  3. smtownandme says:

    Can i have part 2 with eng sub as well please 😀 thanks for making this video!!!

  4. Aira Mae Abrenica says:

    hi jennydth! 😀 can i also ask for a copy of part 1 and 2 with an eng subs?! thanks in advance :D

  5. Kalpa DN says:

    Part one & two pls with eng sub thank you

  6. sykesxox says:

    Part 2, please? (:

  7. delin koni says:

    could you please send me part two??

  8. setyowati retno wulan says:

    can i have it to? part 2 with eng sub..

  9. awesomess501 says:

    can i have part 2 too with eng sub ^ ^ thank you so much!!

  10. Fejee Acenas says:

    @jennydth can I have it also..thnx much

  11. ningsih ang says:

    i want it english sub :)

  12. Ion Visnea says:

    Part 2 please thx

  13. Hermann Moksori says:

    can i ask you part 2? Thank you so much!

  14. rockychic17 says:

    i want the whole part wid english sub… please

  15. keydobaekyeolmin says:

    Could you please sent the part 2 for me? Thank you^_^

  16. kimiekitty says:

    Where can I find this in eng sub?

  17. Sethiram Chavez says:

    Eng sub, pls. Thanks!:)

  18. YG Bias says:

    ohmygod. I really want part 2 and eng sub so much….

  19. cheng jimmy says:

    I want part 2 too and eng sub, thanks~

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