SEO Industry: Issues & Standards

There are many great SEO companies out there, but for every good one there are two bad ones. How can a business owner make the right choice? How do we ensure the highest possible quality standards in our industry? Expert Panel Discussion Items: – What is SEO? – Latest industry issues – Best agency practices – Staying within guidelines – Informing and educating clients – Selecting an SEO company If you wish to join the panel please circle +Dejan SEO and RSVP to this event to make sure that you receive your notification prior to the hangout start. We will broadcast live via +YouTube and the video recording will be available on a dedicated event page.
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3 thoughts on “SEO Industry: Issues & Standards

  1. Search engine optimization might be the fiend. just just in case you treat Google based and offer top quality thrilled for them to have the ability to change and offer it for clients – then everyone is content. Youtube joining Google brings you numerous of site site visitors for the door that’s certainly

  2. why everything ends up with ‘great content’? I know it’s really important, but it is not possible for everyone to build great content. Why don’t you take a real world scenario where people provides ‘good content’ but not great content? How do they compete against with peple with great content?

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