SEO Industry Lacks Clear Understanding of What Is Effective After Recent Search Engine Algorithm Updates – All New Signal Pigeon by Chris Munch Offers SEO Knowledge

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

Prior to the infamous Google Panda update, SEO professionals around the world thought they had it all figured out. At one time ranking websites for any given keyword was not difficult, rather a simple game of who could get the most back links to their website. As the web continues to grow search engine algorithms are becoming more and more complex. The Google Panda update has become well known for targeting web-spam. This has helped many businesses websites rank better, but has also hurt a large number of websites.

Signal Pigeon by Chris Munch is an all new product designed to clear up the confusion brought about by recent search engine algorithms. The focus of Signal Pigeon is on the 6 Ranking Signals used by Google and other search engine algorithms to rank any website well in the search engine results page. The product is delivered in a 30 Minute Video Masterclass Presentation.

Theres a 30 Minute Video Presentation that details each of the 6 Ranking Signals Google uses to rank websites in its New Value Economy, which is vital information for any individual involved with SEO

Signal Pigeon consumers will discover why keywords and backlinks shouldn’t be their main concern anymore, and they’ll even see how one site generates 5 Figure monthly traffic without ANY link-building whatsoever!

Signal Pigeon consumers will be provided with The Signal Pigeon Ranking Checklist, which acts as both an SEO Reference Guide and SEO Cheat Sheet all at the same time to ensure one is never overwhelmed or stuck as to ‘what to do next’ in their SEO campaign.

Signal Pigeon gives Beginner and Advanced Marketers alike a massive competitive advantage in their Ranking Efforts, as even Professional SEOs are losing business by NOT implementing each one of these critical steps to rank their clients’ websites.

Signal Pigeon is a combination of 7 Years of SEO knowledge, research and application, which is used by professionals to rank websites and establish dominance in target niches. Collectively, these factors are still mostly unknown, and the highest likelihood exists that many SEO professionals are missing out on AT LEAST ONE.

Signal Pigeon will be available to purchase on the Warrior Forum for a limited time beginning October 23rd, 2012.

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