SEO Positive Explores Search Engine Preferences

(PRWEB UK) 18 April 2013

It has been reported in Tech Radar that research carried out by Survey Monkey, the most popular online survey tool, showed that users preferred Google to its Microsoft counterpart, Bing. Whilst this in itself reveals nothing new, what was different about the study is that people were shown two pages, both containing search results from both Bing and Google. The 641 participants were asked to select which page they preferred with the majority opting for Google, despite the fact that both pages were mixed, suggesting their decision was based on pre-biased opinions.

Providing effective yet affordable SEO solutions to a variety of clients, the work carried out by the search marketers at SEO Positive naturally revolves heavily around the actions of the major search engines. As such, the team were interested to see the findings of this study. Managing Director Ben Austin shares his thoughts on the subject.

It is interesting to see that the Google branded page was chosen by the majority of respondents, despite displaying a mixture of results. Because Google has traditionally held such a large part of the market share, more people are used to using it on a regular basis and therefore appear to have developed a natural favour towards it. Because the survey only used 641 people it cant be considered conclusive in any way, however it does go to show that Bing has a long way to go before it can successfully rival its biggest competitor.

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