SEO Positive React to Panda 3.9

(PRWEB UK) 2 August 2012

The recent update, dubbed the Panda 3.9, is the latest strain of the original Panda overhaul which hit the web in February 2011. Designed to target sites with poor quality, thin or duplicate content, the Panda saw sites of all industries drop from the first page of Google, causing chaos across the SEO world. The latest refresh is expected to focus on similar black-hat techniques, also incorporating bad link-building practices into its list of targets. Expected to impact 1% of all search results, the update is not expected to be as significant as its original introduction; nevertheless it is likely to cause a certain level of disruption within the search engine positions.

The update came following an official warning from Google, claiming that certain sites contained unnatural links and would be penalised in the rankings. Advice was given suggesting that webmasters act fast to avoid falling victim to this, although this was later revised to suggest that the Panda 3.9 was no initial reason to panic. The search marketers at SEO Positive received the news which hit the media on the July 24th with great anticipation, having already witnessed the effects of previous Panda and Penguin developments. Managing Director at the Essex based firm, SEO Positive, explains the companys approach to such algorithm changes.

Having already experienced the effects of Panda and Penguin refreshes, we feel we are in the best position to help our clients continue to achieve great rankings through this turbulent time. We rely solely on legitimate and trusted techniques and our quick reactions allow us to help our clients avoid the long term effects of Googles updates.

Ben also goes on to advise those who have been affected by the update, looking to enlist outside help, on what they should search for in a prospective SEO agency.

Those considering obtaining professional help in the wake of the Panda 3.9 would be best off to ensure they pick a firm renowned for their transparent and effective approaches, as well as having an adaptable nature.

The team at SEO Positive are interested to see how the effects of the latest Panda refresh unfold in the forthcoming weeks.

SEO Positive was established in 2007 in Chelmsford, Essex with the aim of bringing effective yet affordable online marketing services to companies from all industries and backgrounds. The company offers a huge range of services including search engine optimisation, Pay Per Click account management, reputation management and website design.

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