SEO Positive Respond to New Data About Online Privacy

(PRWEB UK) 16 November 2012

A recent survey by TRUSTe has revealed that 81% of Great British respondents are aware of internet browser cookies. This was compared to 86% in the Netherlands, 78% in Germany and 59% in France.

The study included 4000 consumers from Great Britain, Germany, France and the Netherlands and was conducted online via Ipsos MORIs iOmnibus survey and 200 top websites.

The research also revealed that 69% of Great British respondents were very concerned about privacy online, compared to 71% in France, 62% in Germany and 48% in the Netherlands.

New privacy legislation for using cookies was introduced back in May after being introduced by the Information Commissioners Office, meaning that websites have to ask permission before using cookies. Before the change, 9 out of 10 websites used cookies, meaning that many websites were affected by the change and had to reconsider their cookie approach.

Ben Austin, Managing Director at SEO Positive, has responded to the news with interest:

This latest research provides an interesting insight into how aware and concerned people are about cookies. The law change earlier this year was probably one of the main factors in increasing awareness surrounding third party cookies. This news will no doubt be interesting for websites that focus on feature advertising heavily.

SEO Positive is continuing to watch these latest statistics with interest.

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