SEO Positive Responds to Figures Detailing the Rate of Apps Downloaded on Smartphones and Tablets

(PRWEB UK) 4 May 2013

According to Econsultancy, smartphone applications ranging from news, health, shopping and music are being downloaded up to three times the rate of their tablet counterparts. Results showed that social media networking was the most popular smartphone app with 37 per cent of smartphone web users stating that they had downloaded a social media related app in the last 12 months. Figures for app showed that whilst social media was popular on tablets only 18 per cent had downloaded a social app in the last 12 months. The biggest gap between tablets and smartphones was shown on health and diet apps which were downloaded by 11 per cent of smartphone web users but just 3 per cent of tablet web users almost a difference of a triple. In contrast, property apps were most close with 4 per cent for smartphone and 3 per cent for tablet web users.

The findings come as interesting news for SEO Positive, one of the UKs best established online promotion companies. The company currently offers services such as pay per click, search engine optimisation and website analytics and has been encouraging its clients to adapt to mobile devices such as mobile smart phones and tablets. Managing Director, Ben Austin, added, “Mobile has emerged as a huge market over the last few years and as a result the downloading of apps for smartphones and for tablets has grown significantly. The findings show that social media was popular on both but the use of the devices differed and therefore the downloaded apps changed tablets were used for browsing and smartphones for interacting with others.”

SEO Positive continues to follow industry related news.

SEO Positive was established in 2007 in Chelmsford, Essex with the aim of bringing effective yet affordable online marketing services to companies from all industries and backgrounds. The company offers a huge range of services including search engine optimisation, Pay Per Click account management, social media marketing and website design.

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