SEO Reseller HubShout Launches New “News” SEO Plan to Update Digital Marketing

Falls Church, VA (PRWEB) July 03, 2014

Following the successful launch of HubShout’s REAL SEO plans last year, the company launched its new “News” SEO plans on June 15, 2014. These plans provide the ability for small businesses to add their knowledge and data into the news cycle using digital public relations opportunities. HubShout is continuing to keep small business clients up to date with significant SEO changes over the past several years, helping them adapt to the current digital marketing climate.

After conducting research in 2014 to determine the most necessary features and practices in HubShout’s SEO plans, over half of the company’s 200 resellers preferred client-incorporated news cycle SEO activities. The new News plan offerings have evolved from the company’s REAL SEO plans, a methodology that provided a team of writers, marketers, developers and analysts to their clients.

When people follow the news, the information is effectively passed on and can be cited by other sources. By taking advantage of this aspect of reporting, small businesses can incorporate their information into the news, increasing their reach in digital marketing.

News plans include:

Featured News, where a featured news article is written for an established community newspaper with writers citing client facts in the content.

Business Quotes, allowing writers to call on industry experts for quotes that enhance the story while writing news articles.

Press Releases, permitting businesses to explain and promote events of note which are syndicated to national publications

Onsite Blogs, which allow clients to create their own news utilizing a team of HubShout writers.

Chad Hill, CEO and Co-Founder notes, “SEO has changed and our news plans are a great way for small businesses to get coverage that normally is reserved for much larger companies. Good news coverage expands the visibility of your website for your target audience and search engines alike.”

HubShout is a leading SEO Reseller providing private labeled software and services, giving their partners everything needed to enhance business digital marketing. Please visit the HubShout website at or contact HubShout directly.

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