SEO – Search Engine Optimization Training

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Training
Event on 2013-09-02 09:00:00

Promote your website to an audience hungry to buy, more often, through search engine optimisation, even if you know nothing about websites.

Dear Business owner,

You wouldn’t buy a ferrari and leave it hidden in a dark alley.

Likewise there is not much point having a website and then having it hidden in the depths of the search engine results. You need to get people to it. You need traffic. One of the best methods is getting high on the first page of Google.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is a collection of methods, processes and strategies that allow you to highlight your relevance to the search engines so that your website ranks strongly.

Consider your own search habits?

  • If you need to find something – you google it.

  • Rarely will you go past the first page.

  • And in fact the very first result on Google can get the lion’s share of people looking for that service or product.

If you have a website then it is likely to be your most effective marketing tool. To get the most from it you need to have a working knowledge of SEO and how search engines operate.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Moreton Bay region business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs

  • That cannot yet afford to outsource their search engine optimisation but understands the importance of ranking highly in Google and are willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty

  • Or that are ready to hire an SEO company but want to understand more about SEO to avoid getting ripped off, confused by technical jargon or worst still be penalised because the company is using harmful practices.

  • And that are looking to network with other like-minded local businesses owners


If that sounds like you then please read on…

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Job you are hiring this workshop to do for you:

If there are two things that most of us want more of –  it is time and results.

The job of this course is give you more of each.

You are a busy small business owner. You don’t have time to waste. This workshop will cut through all the noise that is out there about SEO and deliver to you just the essential information that you need to know to get the biggest leverage on your time.

If you want to achieve better website ranking results then you need to invest in the knowledge that will help you achieve it. The problem is that if you follow some of the older SEO advice out there that you will actually harm your rankings.

We’ll be working live on your own website so that when you leave the workshop you will have had the chance to implement the elements of effective and professional SEO practises as a stepping stone to better website rankings and long term market leadership.

Workshop Content:

  • Global trends and why search engines are critical for a modern business

  • What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how it came about

  • How search engines work – what we can deduce

  • A breakdown of key definitions and SEO terms

  • Market research – traffic vs competition

  • The structure of your website and on-page SEO

  • Off-site SEO and backlinks

  • The things that used to work that you now need to avoid like the plague

  • Why you need to be publishing quality content

  • Methods, hacks and tools to help you create content prospects want

  • Optimising your website for Local SEO

  • Using your website analytics to guide your SEO efforts

About the Presenter:

Mick Cullen – Owner of Redcliffe Marketing Labs – an online marketing business, based in Redcliffe, assisting local business owners in understanding and implementing online marketing strategies using social media, web video, email and search engine optimisation.

Mick is passionate about helping you as a busy business owner to leverage your time and money for better results by cutting through the maze of information and products out there – breaking it down to the bare minimum effective dose you need to start making a difference.

A Snapshot of What Others Are Saying:

“Mick, Thanks again for running yet another great Workshop. The 2 I have attended both offered valuable tips and insights. I recommend any small business owner attend these as Mick is both a great speaker and extremely willing to assist those small businesses that require that extra bit of help.”

– Matthew Fox, Brisbane

“Mick Cullen is extraordinarily generous with his time, and is a very competent presenter … clear, brief, and no-nonsense.”

– Carmel Glover

"I have been to several of of Mick's workshops, and find them well presented, very informative and well worth the time."

– Beth Reid, Scarborough

"Mick has and continues to educate our business into the 21st Century in regard to technology. He explains things in simple terms and makes sure they are relevant to our business. We have been asking for workshops to gain further information and support so as to be more independent with new technologies."

– Stacey Platts, Redcliffe

"Mick is a guru when it comes to internet marketing but don't be scared by that.  His relaxed and down to earth style will help you overcome any barriers you may have with the concept of social media and the whole "taking your business online" thing.  Mick has been a great supporter of my site, and I love the way he is passionate about getting Redcliffe businesses online and utilising these wonderful 21st century tools we have available.  I promise you won't be wasting your time or your money."

– Belinda Hodge, Margate

"Mick helped me to understand what I needed, how to come up with the solutions to these issues and to start thinking ahead. I would highly recommend his services to anyone I know, especially for small business people like me."

– Melissa Mataic, Scarborough

"Thank you so much for all of your help Mick, you passed on a huge amount of helpful information and explained it very clearly (so people like me can understand!!), and it gave me ideas and direction for how to build my business."

– Sam Davies, Scarborough

When and Where:

Scarborough Beach Resort

89 Landsborough Ave


2 Sep – 9am – 12pm  

Please be seated and ready to go.

Presentation will start at 9am.

Pre-Requisites + What to Bring:

  • Laptop + power cable

  • Pen and paper

  • Login details for your website


0 per person.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If at the end of the training workshop you don’t think that you had a great time and are not walking away with some great new life skills and methods to improve your website ranking then we will refund your money back, no questions asked.

We think this knowledge is so important for your business and are passionate enough about it that we take all the risk.

How to Book Your Place:

Book your place at this workshop by purchasing through the ticket system at the top of the page.

This workshop is strictly limited in numbers to ensure personal attention. With a high level of interest already shown you are advised to secure a place as soon as possible.

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FREE Business Growth Resources:

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at Scarborough Beach
89 Landsborough Avenue
Scarborough, Australia

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