SEO Seminar: Getting a Website to the Top of Google (Southampton, October 2015)

SEO Seminar: Getting a Website to the Top of Google (Southampton, October 2015)
Event on 2015-10-20 09:00:00
A half-day training seminar run by the search engine marketing experts at Advantec. A detailed, intensive session of insights, help and advice on how to make your website perform better in the search engines… As one of a small group of attendees, you’ll spend the morning listening to our SEO expert giving detailed, in-depth advice on how Google decides which websites to rank at the top of its listings. You’ll get to learn the technicalities of SEO – what needs to be done within the code and content of your own website, as well as the ‘off site’ factors that Google looks at when deciding where to rank your website.   Who’s it for? Anyone involved in running or marketing a website that needs to be ranked well in Google Whether you have an existing, established site or are starting a new one Who’s it run by? Advantec have been specialising in building and marketing websites for the past 8 years We have a great, first-hand insight in to how successful SEO works Andrew Brittain is MD of Advantec, with a background in web marketing & development What will you learn? Technicalities of SEO: On site coding and technical best-practice Effectively optimising your website’s content for SEO What external ‘off site’ factors Google looks for – and how to influence them How social media directly impacts your site’s SEO performance How you can use content marketing and ‘brand journalism’ to boost your SEO General trends, best-practice and inside industry advice and guidance on successful SEO What to avoid and what not to do: The things that can damage your rankings We’ll address specific questions and challenges you’re facing with your own website You’ll leave with meaningful actions you can implement in your own business straight away “At the end of the seminar, you’ll leave full of ideas, knowledge and practical insights that you can take back to your business and immediately start implementing on your own website.  Having the knowledge of how SEO works is far more powerful for you than simply entrusting it all to someone else. If you use an SEO agency, you’ll finally have an insight in to what they are – or should be – doing. If you want to improve your website’s search rankings yourself, you’ll know exactly what you need to do, without having to pay someone else to do it for you.” – Andrew Brittain   Who we are… Advantec are one of the south's leading digital marketing agencies, specialising in search engine optimisation, online marketing, design and programming. Find out more about us at   Cancellations In the unfortunate circumstance that you have to cancel your confirmed booking at any time prior to the event, Advantec reserve the right to a 100% cancellation charge. 

at PEER 1 Hosting Southampton Offices
30 Town Quay
Southampton, United Kingdom

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