SEO Specialist James Reynolds Lauds Innovative Augmented Reality Glasses in Tips Video and Talks About Backlinks and its Contributions to Web Traffic

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (PRWEB) March 09, 2013

James Reynolds hailed Google for its bold realease of a new product for web surfers: augmented reality glasses.

Branding a stylish design and bearing an Avant-Garde approach, wearers of these glasses quite literally have access to the Internet in sight at all times. Reynolds described the eye piece as having voice activation similar to that of Apple products combined with Google technologies. This is really a blend of Apples Siri with their voice activation, and Google Search, he pointed out.

The functions of the advanced eyewear, which is targeted for public release sometime in 2013, could be activated by the wearer by uttering the command, OK Glass. You can just say, OK Glass give me directions to Dubai Internet City, and in the inside of the glass, the directions will be displayed for you, Reynolds explained.

At the core of this products development lies the objective of Google to move forward from being a search information engine to a whole knowledge engine that revolves around the individual. It really is a cutting edge piece of technology, Reynolds affirmed, that integrates with your daily life.

Search engine users would benefit from this new breakthrough. According to Reynolds, search engine results would be in tune with the individuals lifestyle thereby providing him or her with information that are relevant to his or her needs and wants.

It really is the development of Google [personalised search] and Google Glass is very much in line with this bringing a personalised search experience into your everyday life, he confirmed.

In other SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization) related developments, Reynolds discoursed on the differing values of backlinks and enumerated three instances that improved SEO. These elements were (a) link authority, (b) link relevancy, and, (c) link diversity.

Link authority, according to Reynolds, is essentially an assessment of the reputation that the webpage linking has. Page ranking is one assessment tool that webmasters use in this scenario. PageRank is measured on a scale of zero to ten and is assigned to individual pages within a website. Links from reputable web pages are more valuable and to encourage high PR links a website owner should create quality content that other people want to link to.

The return that you get for each link increases by multiples, he stated. One really cannot consider the value of all links to be remotely equal, Reynolds concluded.

Another element that Reynolds referred to was link relevancy as a measure of a websites influence on the marketplace. When you have links from websites that are related on topic to your website, he started, they see you as being an influencer in your marketplace.

Lastly on this topic, Reynolds described link diversity as wanting links from many different websites. That means you have more influence over a greater number of sites, he stressed.

Reynolds suggests that Google Glass is set to impact exponents of search engine optimization. Dubai based SEO Sherpa however remains prepared for change in the search landscape. Change on the internet is constant, which is why we invest heavily in research and development to ensure we are ahead of rising trends in technology. Google Glass is groundbreaking and it will no doubt influence search algorithms as users redefine their search habits. I am looking forward to observing how it is adopted when it is launched later this year.

About James Reynolds

James Reynolds has earned great respect in the field and is an experienced internet marketing speaker appearing at events worldwide and often in the media in Dubai where he resides. He is the founder of Search Engine Optimisation agency, SEO Sherpa, and Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click management company, Click Jam. He is an expert in helping entrepreneurs drive sales to increase the overall responsiveness and profitability of their online marketing.


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