SEO Specialist KLC Lands Contract with Big Laundromat Player Drytech

(PRWEB) September 17, 2014

KLC, the SEO consultancy firm at the lead of the field for innovative techniques in optimizing the web presence and prominence of niche Companies, has recently landed a contract to manage the web marketing and SEO strategy of one of the largest players in the field of laundromats and large industrial laundries Northern Italian company Drytech, which has been steadily increasing the number of automatic laundries all over the Country in the past few years. The contract will cover all aspects of Drytech’s Web presence, with the purpose of facilitating the meeting of potential microentrepreneurs interested in the landromat businessmodel with drytech, who can assist them as a full-service provider in the field so as to facilitate their startup.

Founded in 2002 by local entrepreneur Pierangelo Ottolina, an expert in both the technical issues connected to industrial laundries and the intricacies of selling them with more than 24 years of experience in the field, Drytech has implemented a specific policy since day one: that of offering a full, modular service which can be built, block by block, at the customers’ request, and includes all possible steps leading to the inauguration of the completed laundry itself, both for traditional laundries and for laundromats. Starting with the selection of a proper location, the service continues with the necessary interventions on plumbing and electrical systems, with the choice of the most fitting machinery, continuing with the design of the laundry’s furniture, on to the installation of all fixtures and the instruction of the owner on all necessary technical and commercial topics, so as to allow for a fully functional service from the first day of work.

With ten years of continued experience and operation in the ever-changing field of SEO, KLC is a small consultancy firm specialized in the optimization of website positioning in major Search Engine SERPs. Expanding its focus from traditional SEO to all aspects of web marketing, from website design to specific persuasive copywriting and digital PR, KLC is specialized in the marketing of small and medium-sized Companies operating in niche markets, and steadily improves their web reputation and presence with an eye to all the most innovative tecniques and trends.

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