SEO Strategies For Mapping Consumer Behavior To Drive Revenue

SEO Strategies For Mapping Consumer Behavior To Drive Revenue
Event on 2015-05-20 11:30:00


Consumer behavior has changed with the continuing updates by Google and mobile devices. Eye tracking studies show different behaviors which have implications for SEO and SEM (PPC) campaigns.  Consumer’s search behavior and reactions continue to change with each new update from search engines, and both have implications for SEO and PPC campaigns. Mobile devices and eye tracking studies have impacted consumers and proven that they are not locked in top left corner anymore (Google Golden Triangle), but are more actively scrolling down. Google’s use of Maps, Knowledge Graphs, and Carousel elements all have forced users to scan around the page more as they orient themselves.  SEO does create challenges as it takes more effort to get highly ranked. It has become a more holistic effort across social media and in-depth content on your site. Our May Speakers will present refreshing strategies and ways to holistically extract additional data to utilize SEO in your business.

 Our speakers for May:

Josh Blankenship – TopSpot

Josh Blankenship is currently a Team Lead for TopSpot Internet Marketing in Houston, TX. With a background in industrial SEO, Josh currently leads a client relationship team responsible for the on-going Internet marketing efforts of over 65 clients. This diverse client base ranges from small, family-owned B2C businesses to large, publically-traded B2B corporations. Josh and his team consistently help their clients develop new revenue streams by implementing practical SEO strategies derived from user behavior metrics.

Greg Bright – Manufacturer, Patent holder, Author, and Instructor

Greg Bright is a manufacturer, patent holder, author, and instructor on Internet marketing. As opposed to traditional advertising where sellers pursue potential customers, Bright believes the Internet is a place where customers actively search for sellers and is our absolutely best marketing tool. When he invented and patented a laptop stand, he learned how to bring products to market quickly and efficiently utilizing the free search listings on popular search engines. He went on to write a book on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), developed multiple #1 ranking websites, and became a speaker and adjunct instructor at The University of Texas at Austin – teaching other entrepreneurs how to win at SEO, using real world examples from his own businesses. 

at The Houston Technology Center
410 Pierce Street
Houston, United States

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