SEO Tip – Three Pillars Of A Success SEO Campaign

SEO Tip: Despite what many of the SEO Gurus would like you to believe, getting good rankings in Google is not rocket science. In this SEO training video I am…
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18 Responses to SEO Tip – Three Pillars Of A Success SEO Campaign

  1. Beth Hite says:

    Thanks for a well put together presentation, professional (yet still fun to watch)!

  2. Spook SEO says:

    Thanks for the tips! I got tons of golden nuggets from it. SEO is without a doubt the most powerful tool as far as internet marketing goes. With how billions of people are into the internet searching for answers EVERYDAY, it just doesn’t make sense for a business not to be there as well.

  3. Thomas Burns says:

    I use Market Samurai. The free version. Do you think It’s worth the money to upgrade to the paid version?

  4. xLethalSnipez says:

    These tips was awesome .

  5. Livingdead115 says:

    So signals are note really good, he more permanant pages.

  6. rapnummer1 says:

    WTF is backlinks?

  7. dieps3kings says:

    I am so happy with this video.

  8. Yancy Carter says:

    Derek, thanks to your video, I did have to strengthen some areas of my SEO processes.

  9. Sharice Johnson says:

    This lesson is a excellent foundation!!

  10. JayeSchaich says:

    Some of my keywords was too competitive. I had to changer them, thanks for the tips.

  11. Roberta Sammson says:

    People make it seems like getting better ranking is the hardest thing to do. Derek this really was a good breakdown.

  12. ShirlJuilfs says:

    Google is the best I dont care what anyone says.

  13. xThroneGames says:

    Finding unique content is hard.

  14. LyricsUploaderPro says:

    I need to remember to always update my info.

  15. tonybedrosian2 says:

    Thanks for the backlink information.

  16. DoxingPC says:

    Thanks for the backlink information.

  17. EditorsHook says:

    Dripping content is a great idea. Keep updating..

  18. johncena67k1 says:

    Derek you are the best!

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