SEO Tips and Tricks – SEO Optimization Tips + Creating Backlinks SEO Tips and Tricks Anyone looking for SEO Tips and Tricks go ahead and watch this video on the foundation of search …
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  1. GeniousLP says:

    i will like and sub

  2. cimbomlu381 says:

    Pretty neat 

  3. Anoosh Kashefi says:

    Ok, Cesar. Those are great places to learn seo. What kind of site is AllNewReviews? Well, it is a review site that helps people save money. Sorry you don’t see the power in learning SEO from someone ranking and actually making money online. :) Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your opinion! Much appreciated..

  4. Cesar Augusto says:

    I did’t get here through google, don’t be ridiculous… This is just a video spam that takes almost 3 minutes to say nothing concrete, but trying to get to some random site. What kind of site is allnewreviews , i’m sure no one smart will fall for that. If someone is interested in this topic, go and get advice from pros or serius journalist like: GoogleWebmasterHelp Google’s mat cutts SEOMoz Hubspot searchenginejournal (twitter user sejourna) mashable

  5. Anoosh Kashefi says:

    Coming from the guy that found my “seo tips and tricks” video on the first page of Google? Apparently, my techniques get me ranked and drive traffic.. Do yours??

  6. Cesar Augusto says:

    waste of time

  7. defloydesigns says:

    I LIKE THIS! normally im picky about vids like these but BRAVO!! sooo goood!

  8. WarZFreeHellCheat says:

    your videos are the best.

  9. madafaka odstrumica says:

    this is legen wait for it dary!

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