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St. Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) February 14, 2013

Real estate marketing offline usually involves the creation of flyers, signs and other visual aids that are used to attract attention to a property for sale. The promotion of houses online involves different strategies to connect buyers with sellers. The company has published an SEO tips for real estate guide online for for beginners or experienced real estate professionals to use. This guide includes easy ways to market a property on the Internet and build consumer value with an online presence. The guide can be accessed at

Search engines have been the primary way that consumers find products and services for sale online. While hundreds of search engines remain in use, three of the largest in United States are typically used by consumers. Achieving high rankings for a website in Google, Yahoo and Bing is now more difficult due to changes made by each company.

A website or blog owner in the real estate industry can have more difficulty ranking property for sale without utilizing a marketing strategy. The new guide published online includes simple ways to integrate search engine marketing.

New tools have been created online specifically for the real estate industry. These include social media tools, mobile applications and PPC marketing solutions. Both free tools and premium tools are available for use by professionals to build a list of buyers online. Part of the information included in the guide includes specific tools that are currently available to increase the success rate of selling more properties online. This resource is one of the first of its kind that presents this data in one location.

The published guide is a primer for the new premium content section of the company website. This premium training is specifically designed for beginners or advanced real estate marketers to use in an effort to increase sales success. This online content is delivered through a series of modules that are broken down into easy to understand segments. The segments can be integrated instantly in any marketing campaign.

Real estate agents, brokers or others searching for more ways to build online sales success rates could benefit from this new premium information.

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The How to Market Houses website was launched to provide any easy online resource to access to get information as a real estate professional. This company was created by property and social media expert, Ryan Bush, and is now one of the most trafficked resources online for real estate marketing. The tips, guides and published information included online is offered to help educate professionals making the transition from offline marketing to online marketing. The How to Market Houses company provides premium training online that is accessible from the Internet or mobile device.

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