SEO TRAINING – State of SEO 2013 – What’s changed with linking?

SEO TRAINING - State of SEO 2013 - What's changed with linking? – SEO Training on what has changed in SEO and what to do going forward in 2013. Link density, ratios, and relevance all play an impor…
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  1. Owen Prescott says:

    Is a “money keyword” anchor text the uses words such as “buy” and “£4000″ or does it simply mean a primary keyword that gets most of the traffic?

  2. intermarketingpro says:

    This is gold. I am so fed up with all these Google Panda & Penguin stuff!

  3. NickCageSWAG says:

    AMA?ING: ????? ?

  4. Mark Aurelius says:

    AWESOME! subscribed! 

  5. Thetom463 says:

    This video is AWSOME!

  6. Lays Romania says:

    Okay Ive probably watched this like 20 times now hahaha Subscribed!

  7. petasl45 says:

    this video is very useful

  8. David Buthlay says:

    VERY,VERY GOOD VIDEO. whats the name of the song?

  9. myciokas says:

    not bad thing :]

  10. downloadfullmoviedvd says:

    I subscribed, checking out youre other vids too! 

  11. DjuroHas says:

    Loooooool at these vids… 

  12. charleeesd says:

    better than you = FAIL

  13. ericcellii says:

    excellente vid

  14. Bisnis Ilyas says:

    i watched this like 5 times already

  15. arrosigns says:

    Great video content, very useful, thanks

  16. arrosigns says:

    Googles change last year forced us to make a choice, spend money on yellow pages or spend it on Google Adwords, goodbye yellow pages may it rest in peace. Paying for traffic has allowing us to stop spending many hours each week trying to tweak our websites all the time.

  17. Howie Perks says:

    Awesome Dori! Thanks!!

  18. Brian mclean says:

    fantastic content once again Dori i always look forward to your info already looking forward to your next video

  19. Rick Porter says:

    That was a fun week of SEO, can’t wait to go again next year!

  20. farrah776 says:

    Nice, I wanna learn how to make vids like this!

  21. ngonam20135 says:

    Were can I find more of your stuff?

  22. HardstyleGermany11 says:

    You got a def subscribe from me!

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