Seo4anyone Inc. Employing New Tools to Help Local Companies in Miami Rank Higher on Search Engines

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) December 27, 2012

Seo4anyone Inc., a leading SEO company in Miami, FL specializes in helping local businesses get more traffic to their website through search engine optimization techniques. The result is higher rankings for the businesses search phrases, leading to more traffic and sales. These techniques have now expanded to include specialized tools that help their clients obtain more visitors with little to no additional cost.

For over 5 years seo4anyone has been helping small businesses get their websites ranked higher for local searches. While search engine optimization benefits both large and small companies by increasing their ranking on top viewed search terms, many small businesses need a tighter focus for city specific online visibility. Seo4anyone has now added a new service that addresses this particular need and targets local searchers to help them find the local business in question.

Their local SEO business plans consist of three main tasks. First is claiming ownership of all their local directory/review sites. Sites like Yelp, Yelllow Pages, Four Square, Yahoo Local, Google Places all rank highly on the search engines when looking for a local business. Therefore the more confident the search engines are that the owner has filled out the profile and the information is correct, the better the page will rank.

Next, seo4anyone makes sure all the local directory sites use a robust company profile with optimized keywords and rich content. They write a full detailed company profile that is standardized across the popular local search directories. In the world of search, this local profile is critical due to the use of smart phones connecting a persons location to every business around them.

The final step is to make sure each directory site has reviews filled out by their customers. Sites like Yelp have strict review filters in place to make sure no one tries to game the system. Therefore care must be taken so that only trusted users are asked to complete reviews on behalf of a company. Otherwise a potentially positive review wont be included. Many business owners are angry and asking if Yelp only posts bad reviews. seo4anyone educates their clients on the best way to obtain valid customer reviews so that good reviews to make it through their filter.

Utilizing this new strategy, their local South Florida SEO companies can both rank higher and get more clicks from the local directory and review websites. Seo4anyone offers this plan as part of larger SEO packages, but the cost for this item is less than $ 200 per month.

As part of each client project, seo4anyone first provides a website analysis report to ascertain the sites current strength and weaknesses. Matt Silvers, founder of seo4anyone Inc. says, With the growing competition online, it is difficult for small companies to achieve top rankings. With our free website analysis we can inform clients where they stand today and what strategy we recommend to reach their marketing goals.

As part of each local SEO project, seo4anyone will optimize a clients content and architecture so that their top searched keywords drive more traffic to the website.” A company should be aware of their rankings at all times as well as other long tail keywords that are sending traffic to the site. We provide monthly reports to business managers showing them our progress.

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Seo4anyone Inc. provides search engine marketing services and internet marketing services including SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Website Optimization Testing and Email Marketing in Miami, FL. Their customers are located both in Florida and throughout entire US. With a highly experienced staff of search marketing experts, the company has a strong track record of assisting small and large companies reach and surpass their online marketing goals.

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