seoClarity, The Disruptive Enterprise SEO Platform, Announces Groundbreaking Solution to Address Googles Move to 100% Term Not Provided

Austin, TX (PRWEB) September 26, 2013

At Clarity 13, seoClaritys global user conference, the company announced a series of groundbreaking features to help enterprise marketers tackle the challenges of the ever-changing SEO landscape.

First among the challenges currently facing enterprise SEO and agency marketers is the news that Google will start encrypting all organic search traffic – leading to complete loss of visibility into the keywords that visitors searched to arrive at a website.

For years, marketers have used keyword level data in order to better understand the potential customers and improve the user experience and content on their sites. Although keyword level information had gradually begun to disappear over the last 2 years, the accelerated timeline has triggered a paradigm change in the way Enterprise marketers approach keyword reporting and analysis.

Weve been anticipating Term Not Provided to hit 100% and preparing what is the most innovative solution for Enterprises to ensure continuity with tracking, reporting, analyzing and acting upon keyword level metrics, said Mitul Gandhi, Chief Architect and Co-founder of seoClarity.

keywordClarity is the industrys first and most comprehensive solution for allowing Enterprises uninterrupted insights into their keyword performance at the deepest level. Unlike limited reporting solutions pitched by competitors, keywordClarity is the only solution that will ensure enterprises can transition their reporting and analyses into the new paradigm of keyword research.

Combined with seoClaritys detailed step-by-step playbook, now available for download, enterprise SEOs have a plan they can execute confidently. For more information on keywordClarity and the free playbook download – Enterprise Playbook for Tackling Term Not Provided.

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