SEO’s Dilemma Link Building vs Content Marketing – Whiteboard Friday

Today’s web marketers face a difficult decision: Do they stick with the classic link-building and keyword-marketing techniques they know have worked in the p…
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16 thoughts on “SEO’s Dilemma Link Building vs Content Marketing – Whiteboard Friday

  1. We prefer to do both, something like “mixing both” of strategies. In fact you should avoid link building at large scales. Content marketing is harmless for possible penalization.

  2. Great Whiteboard Friday lecture from one of the leading SEO/content marketing experts. This is all about finding the correct balance between links and content marketing. When looking for insight on how to best market online I have always been able to rely on +Rand Fishkin.

  3. Awesome video By Rand….not because the differences were shared but because the logic dependency on both the LANDS were made clear. The success behind any of these LANDS or “combined approach” will depend upon the balance you maintain between the both, as Market and even Google both are Volatile:)

  4. You guys at Moz are awesome. Not only do you make things more clear for me, you also motivate me to think more critically when making choices. Awesome video.

  5. Should you stick with the classic #link #building and #keyword #marketing techniques or do you need to spend time on the broader realm of #content #marketing?

  6. Matt Cutts says any manual link should be no indexed and they are penalizing sites for link building. If google has wised up on link building what is left for the seo? seems like content and social is all we have left.

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