Sepultura – Biotech is Godzilla

This is what can be called a thrash anthem
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Sepultura – Biotech is Godzilla

  1. Methyl Aminorex says:

    this song was written by Jello Biafra from Dead Kennedys

  2. LTBiermachtII says:

    Thrash Anthem? Aye, dream on.

  3. Blatsch says:

    sepultura & led zep best bands in the world

  4. Alejandro4891 says:

    i miss this sepultura

  5. SpiritMolecule1 says:

    Karmablade = the new Sepultura of this generation

  6. mahamrityumjay says:

    the good ol days <3

  7. Harry THISTURBIO says:

    É isso ae! kara.. em shows, é muito normal isso acontecer.. eu axo muito massa quando uma banda homenageia outra de um estilo diferente… foi quase um Medley (Biotech/Dazed) rsrs..

  8. olafjans says:

    @aussieanarchist And here we witness the side effects 😉

  9. Caio Ferreira says:

    E você diz isso como se o Led não tivesse copiado algo? Dazed And Confused não foi composta pelo Jimmy Page… O mesmo para In My Time of Dying. Não que eles tenham copiado, mas se apropriaram dos direitos de algo que eles não fizeram. Foi o que o HarryThist disse…

  10. LeelFace says:

    este concierto es el de barcelona del 96 creo

  11. knuckleheadzup01 says:

    more like death metal

  12. Schectler says:

    @aussieanarchist Jello should play with Sepultra 

  13. Harry THISTURBIO says:

    Cara, quem copioou ?? meee.. nada mais que uuma homenageem! tem que se ligar nessas paradas, eles nao fizeram o som inteiro com a Dazed and Confused cantando Biotech.. Foi uma grande maneira de mostrar q os karas curteem!

  14. Garkar2006 says:

    pretty certain that ‘Biotech Is Godzilla’ was released in 1993 on ‘Chaos A.D.’ and it is about G.Bush senior not his son.

  15. Richard Padilla says:

    …you know he had a father who was president too, right?

  16. yodasocko says:

    @aussieanarchist ….. um…the only problem with that logic is that this song was 1st released in 1996. That’s 2 years before Bush took office. Clinton was still the president.

  17. rocknroll12345678 says:

    tem gente que copia mesmo do Led Zeppelin…

  18. unconditionalmalice says:

    One? Check out: Sarcofago, and Mutilator.

  19. lobonorte says:

    na na , is it spanish lenguage, play in cataluña spain, no portugese speack comprende?! muahahaha

  20. Chucho Moncho says:


  21. teo301 says:

    shit, my major is biotech 0.o

  22. rusek1133 says:

    old shit=good shit!! max come back!!

  23. Dorsal81 says:

    The translating language what is it? Catalan?

  24. EyesOfTheSouthSTi says:

    actually he is right moron. Biafra went to Brazil in 1992 and this is what Max said Biafra told him.”he said that George Bush had sent a group of scientists to Brazil to test germs and bacteria on human beings and use them as guinea pigs. The lyrics claim that biotechnology created AIDS. But they don’t say that technology is bad, just that it’s in the wrong hands.”

  25. DeathrasheR1987 says:

    This is pure hardcore 😀

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