Sergey Brin talks about Google Glass at TED 2013

UPDATE: To address comments about Sergey’s poor delivery, I want to emphasize that this is NOT a “TED Talk”, despite it being recorded during TED conference….

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19 Responses to Sergey Brin talks about Google Glass at TED 2013

  1. vorrrtex says:

    Try to speak in front of a large audience without reading a prepared speech. It is a natural sound when you want to say something, but hasn’t constructed a sentence.

  2. vorrrtex says:

    Apple isn’t going to produce such glasses, so people in general will not buy them. They are going to be yet another useless google toy like Google+.

  3. macedoneli says:

    why is he keep saying uuuhhm ?? I can’t stand it

  4. Budi Suryadinata says:

    reminds me that robbie williams movie

  5. Shagnarsty says:

    A few things, what if the glasses fall off, and why not just use a camera on a headband?

  6. israeliplayer says:

    someone count how many times he said ummm

  7. halfbreed1426 says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am sold. Twenty years time, we will all look like Geordi Laforge.

  8. awuahnsiah says:

    he always looks as if he just got up from bed…..

  9. TheKiraNetwork says:

    So many bad attempts at making the crowd laugh, yikes.

  10. MundyArtStudio says:

    I wear prescription glasses, so will i have to wear these glasses over my current glasses.

  11. warnpassion says:

    It looks as if he just got up from his bed and arrived at the TED centre to give the presentation.

  12. A Bc says:

    This device won’t be popular because it’s too conspicuous. If they ever make it small enough so it looks just like a regular pair of prescription eye glasses, it’ll have a chance.

  13. dublindanny says:

    Worst presentation ever. Google, i’m sure you are reading this, so please keep this guy locked in a development room and away from the stage. I feel frustrated after listening to him. Here are 5 virtual tomatoes thrown in his face.

  14. Dario Ampuy says:

    emmmm… the same electromagnetic waves flow through your head with or without google glass, they are 3g, LTE, wifi, bluetooth, radio, tv, sat, and microwaves all around the globe and specially in the cities, and your head is bombarded with them even if you don’t use any device near your head… google glass isn’t a magnet for waves, and i’m pretty sure they emit the same amount of EM waves they receive with the same power too

  15. atrialfib29 says:

    So you get wifi connection everywhere huh. LOL …

  16. eurokid83 says:

    I’m waiting to be impressed.

  17. Ismael Campos says:

    how did i get here?

  18. colombomostwanted says:

    Amazing inventor but a poor speaker 

  19. Timothy Zhu says:

    I agree. I’m totally spoiled by the quality of Apple’s presentations, especially those presented by Jobs. Sergey just has no stage presence at all.

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