SERP Bot (setup)

The first 10 Steps to run the SERP Bot ( ) …
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16 Responses to SERP Bot (setup)

  1. andrea horn says:

    it´s much better than the older videos – thank you

  2. gregory skinne says:

    that makes it easier to run the bot, thx

  3. ana bqonania says:

    thanks for sharing this …

  4. Joseph Murillo says:

    the video is a little to fast :) but i stopped here and there, and then it´s easy to understand. good work!

  5. Phaedra Haynes says:

    i already shared the video with my friends …

  6. dianna evans says:

    nice and clear description :)

  7. Alan fisher says:

    can you make a video “how to earn money with the bot” ?

  8. Nancy Wilson says:

    i like the bot – its so easy to push the keywords to the top10 :)

  9. Jonnie Butler says:

    i like the little bot with name SERP 😉 nice and cool logo.

  10. son trldong says:

    nice video soraya 😉 is there something you can´t do ? 😀 lol

  11. Torrey lafrance says:

    ok, now i understand. i had HMA activated and could not login, but now it´s clear why. GOOD VIDEO!

  12. Charles Phoenix says:

    i love when a software have a video instruction. Nice video and awesome software

  13. Nichole Giese says:

    ok, i was on the right way without that video, but now i know how to add new keywords

  14. Jhon Vue says:

    Useful instruction, thx

  15. melody boswell says:

    thats very easy to understand, so lets get ready to run the bot :)


    if you need more videos, can i help you to make some professional videos

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