Serp Ninja Master


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21 Responses to Serp Ninja Master

  1. ComradeBroslice says:

    lol 😀

  2. jamimiah0o says:

    oi was all this in the same round, if it is demo me? 😀

  3. killcows897 says:

    Normal Eco Settings have flashlight on.

  4. jamimiah0o says:

    since when are flashlights enabled when warmod is on (assuming this was during a war)

  5. mtg540 says:

    i was watching clips in a playlist and didnt realize it changed. I didnt even watch this video lol, sorry.

  6. ZitrokLaus says:

    only cause i think its fake ?! how low should the guys be ?!…. they HAVE TO see him -.-‘ this cant be 😀

  7. mtg540 says:

    ur an idiot

  8. ZitrokLaus says:

    i thinks most is fake…

  9. CHRIS SKA says:

    ahaha i was in that mix

  10. IndeHcss says:

    AHAHAHAHA <3333

  11. 0neTurbo says:

    Man i wish i could play people that retarted.

  12. thechillerjoe says:

    vs noobs and luck or wh

  13. zontaLzz says:

    haha omg :D

  14. YwD1789 says:


  15. al3xalexal3x says:

    playing against noobs… what else do you expect..

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