serp- woulda had that by der4twu

serp- woulda had that by der4twu

serp- wanted his frags shown, I made a small clip. Basic edit, enjoy. Song : Zarif – california (danny byrd remix)

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17 Responses to serp- woulda had that by der4twu

  1. nitronization1 says:

    Im going to be truthful about this, ive never played counter strike at all. Im in the mix on wrather i sould get global offense or not. sould i buy it (xbox), or will i be better of not getting ass fucked by the professinals. :/ let me know

  2. d1rbylolhax says:

    @teamfrost why are idiots like you not able to read english ?

  3. d1rbylolhax says:

    can you send me the name of some sick dnb tunes like this? would be nice. sick edit

  4. GyroGx says:

    Der4twu best editor thumbs up if agree 

  5. separi133 says:

    no radio, hospital podcast.

  6. Aslan Zhaparov says:

    hello great work! where can i dl HQ version?

  7. Shotay3 says:

    Sounds like “drum n bass arena” -> breakbeat . co . uk 😉

  8. JUSTAVENUE says:

    radio sender is called :DD ?

  9. WonderBREE says:

    It’s all about the sync <333

  10. docjefft says:

    ahhhhh you used this song >:D great choice, think im using it in the future clip is nice too ;)))

  11. croopy99 says:

    YES one of my favourite songs :D awesome clip mate

  12. KTZCss says:

    wooow awesome clip , very nice work der4twu , 5*

  13. yoNNyyyyy says:

    nice edit. song ? =Dd

  14. ChrisyB87 says:

    such a hero!

  15. 57SeViiyoOoruM says:

    <3 it

  16. MrPgunna says:

    Serp is such a pimp. rofl

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