seto kaiba – u make me wanna

here it is my very first yugioh cliped vid i downloaded clips and song from isohunt an torrentspy…. BTW if it looks like hes talking to the blue-eyes white dragon card its because he is.. he loves her…

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  1. Peachices says:

    Kaiba’s going to make love to his card?…okeey….

  2. Peachices says:

    Lol! I died laughing throughout the video. Good work!

  3. Nightfeatherwarrior1 says:

    I love this Video! Its so Cute!

  4. EpicMileyFan11 says:

    love it

  5. TheCattygrl says:

    Lol. We all know that’s how obsessed Seto is with that card… Even his Fangirls cant deny it. (I would no, being one). Thecattygrl approves. ‘Cuz Kaiba’s got money, -Thecattygrl

  6. sandy9209 says:

    whoa….amazing…cute video!!! ;P

  7. makosharkman says:

    Nice very Nice.

  8. Fluffymiyster says:

    I also really like this song! And funny how you have Kaiba singing to the card! Okay, now I’m gonna go download it!

  9. Clarnetplayer07 says:

    thank you!!!^^

  10. dragoness333 says:


  11. Clarnetplayer07 says:

    I love this song!!!!! who sings it???

  12. dragoness333 says:

    Thanking You I love To Make Vids WATCH SLAYERS ANIME SO FUNNY!

  13. DilemmaGirl2 says:

    well,this was unexpected ^^ Im a fan of the album one love and this song is just completely amazing

  14. CynderDragonProdctns says:

    thx im gunna start macking DBZ vids too

  15. hathorgrace says:

    I love this! It’s so sweet!

  16. CynderDragonProdctns says:

    thx ive decided to keep dis 1

  17. dragoness333 says:


  18. dragoness333 says:

    -_- gee thanks… (WAS BIENG SARCASTIC)

  19. dragoness333 says:

    not really cuz if u watch season 5 you’ll understand…

  20. anaalaa says:

    this is ok.

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