Setup VPN in Windows 8 by AvoidErrors

Setup VPN in Windows 8 by AvoidErrors

http://www.avoiderrors.net/ This step-by-step video tutorial shows how to setup and access a VPN (PPTP) connection on Windows 8.
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  1. Do know how to set up the (Cisco) VPN client with certificate? I follow your video and set up the VPN but can’t connected. there is no where I can input the “Group Name” and “Secret”.

  2. One thing i noticed that was missed – i followed this and couldn’t connect. checking logs showed that my computer could not assign an IP to the connecting device. on the device – my iphone, it ‘looked’ like it was failing authentication. to get around this, right click on the “Incoming Connections” icon, switch to the networking tab. Then select IPv4 and properties. Then specify a range of IP addresses for VPN. This was probably because my Router wasn’t performing DHCP for external hosts.

  3. if you have an static IP from your internet service provider it wont change. if you have dynamic IP address from your ISP it change when it expires

  4. I noticed that your router was configured for DHCP. In that case, won’t your WAN IP change every time you reboot your computer or your modem?

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