Setup VPN in Windows 8 by AvoidErrors

Setup VPN in Windows 8 by AvoidErrors This step-by-step video tutorial shows how to setup and access a VPN (PPTP) connection on Windows 8.
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17 Responses to Setup VPN in Windows 8 by AvoidErrors

  1. Philip Yu says:

    Do know how to set up the (Cisco) VPN client with certificate? I follow your video and set up the VPN but can’t connected. there is no where I can input the “Group Name” and “Secret”.

  2. antsy89 says:

    English… Learn it!

  3. Marcel Vanderwekken says:

    It said I was connected, but then webpages wouldn’t load

  4. MrNetCoconut says:

    Thank you! Windows 8 is just so different from Windows 7, these tutorials are very appreciated.

  5. Jorge Lara says:

    Thank u so much, you explained it very well and u showed a Little big error that I was making, and now it Works perfect

  6. lonelyboy323 says:

    You’re girl is Kinda Hot

  7. lonelyboy323 says:

    What exactly is Vpn?

  8. Simon Elliott says:

    One thing i noticed that was missed – i followed this and couldn’t connect. checking logs showed that my computer could not assign an IP to the connecting device. on the device – my iphone, it ‘looked’ like it was failing authentication. to get around this, right click on the “Incoming Connections” icon, switch to the networking tab. Then select IPv4 and properties. Then specify a range of IP addresses for VPN. This was probably because my Router wasn’t performing DHCP for external hosts.

  9. László Romsics says:

    i have 720 error. what happand now?

  10. JammerManL says:

    I am having trouble loging in I am using a local account on a windows 8 can you please give me a tip on loging in that might help me?

  11. Bujor Vasile Lucian says:

    Can’t you use a service like no-ip dot com?

  12. boblovecake says:

    I keep getting the same thing… 

  13. Avoiderrors says:

    if you have an static IP from your internet service provider it wont change. if you have dynamic IP address from your ISP it change when it expires

  14. elexwiz says:

    I noticed that your router was configured for DHCP. In that case, won’t your WAN IP change every time you reboot your computer or your modem?

  15. Jordan West says:

    What is the WAN IP address to use? And where to find it?

  16. Hydr0ify says:

    From the VPN you have.

  17. crabman306 says:

    I keep getting error 720…

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