Seven social video predictions for 2014

Seven social video predictions for 2014
Look at the greatest online ads of all time, and the vast majority boast an incredible song or catchy jingle. Notable examples include Beyonce's … Altogether, of the top 100, only one, Kony 2012 at #62, is not a music video. Huge viral sensations …
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Top 10 biggest UGA sports moments of 2013
“We all thought like 20,000 [views] was our goal,” said sophomore swimmer Conor Sweeney said last March. “We were like freaking out after 100 views and all of a sudden it was put on websites and it hit over 100,000 over night and now it's almost 2 …
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Broncos figure to be better this time around
Mathews gained 127 yards on 29 carries against Denver last month, the only back to top 100 yards on the Broncos all season. After San Diego gained 103 yards on the ground … AP NFL website: ———. Follow AP Pro Football Writer Arnie …
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