Seven top science pictures of November: gallery

Seven top science pictures of November: gallery
Robotics expert Watanaru Yoshizaki demonstrates how to operate the arm of a giant "Kuratas" robot at an exhibition in Tokyo. The four-meter-high, limited edition, made-to-order robot is controlled through a pilot in its cockpit, or via a smartphone.
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Hilarie Stelfox: Retire in Peace robot Scoot from Eureka!
But the highlight of every visit, after watching Archimedes immerse in his bath, was always a trip to the Me and My Body Gallery to talk to Scoot the robot, pictured inset. article_mpuAdvertisement. Scoot may have looked like a tin can but to my …
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Let's talk about art: Robots by Don Jones
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts is expanding its Holiday Shop to fill the gallery's first floor. Besides Mr. Jones' robot sculptures, the shop also offers handcrafted gifts from more than 200 regional artists. A free opening reception with refreshments …
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