Shake Shack's social media game is off the charts

Shake Shack's social media game is off the charts
"SHAK does essentially no traditional marketing, but has a strong presence on social media, which speaks to its relevance among Millennials," the report says. Relative to sales, Shake Shack's presence on Vine is massive relative to most of its fast …
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Why Influencer Marketing Pays Off for Small Businesses
Small-business owners face a massive challenge when it comes to marketing their companies and products. Without the proper tools or experience, they can end up spending large budgets with no guaranteed return. The typical customer sees countless ads …
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The How and Why of Inbound Book Marketing
Enter “inbound marketing.” Google it and you'll be amazed that you've never heard of it in publishing circles (though if you have, drop a note in the comments section and tell me where!). It's been a growing force in the world of marketing ever since …
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