Shaqir Hussyin Reveals Best Bonus Ever For Ten Minute Pages By Kyle Graham

London, UK (PRWEB) February 19, 2013 founder and Internet marketing trainer Shaqir Hussyin shares a groundbreaking tool meant to relieve some of the frustrations over building costly and time-consuming websites and online marketing campaigns. To further aid other web marketers and online businesses with their campaigns, Hussyin unveiled three exclusive bonuses that comes with the purchase of the groundbreaking tool called Ten Minute Pages. The drag-and-drop tool now comes with three exclusive add ons, namely the Conversion Cocktail, the Traffic Rolodex, and the Ultimate Money-Getting Formula. Hussyin made the announcement in a recently held webinar with Kyle Graham on the Ten Minute Pages site, adding that the deadline for receiving the exclusive giveaways has been extended for buyers.

Created by software builder and online entrepreneur Kyle Graham, Ten Minute Pages allows entrepreneurs to create new online businesses or improve upon their existing web marketing campaigns in ten minutes flat. The tool features thousands of designs, options, built-in SEO, plus a drag-and-drop visual editor. Businesses can seamlessly add videos, audios, photos, email opt-in boxes, delayed call to action buttons, do one-click publication for the website to go live, and more.

Graham mentions in the webinar with Hussyin that he came up with Ten Minute Pages in response to the persistent technical roadblocks and miscommunication that occur between Internet marketers and website designers.

Hussyin candidly echoes some of those frustrations over creating online marketing campaigns. He shares, I didnt have any control to create and manage my own landing pages, launch funnels, pre-sell pages if youve been on my list, you will have seen some ugly, ugly websites and these are pages that have taken me hours to create, hours to perfect. These days, however, Hussyin has found the Ten Minute Pages to be virtually godsent. By introducing exclusive free add-ons with the drag-and-drop software, the SoloAdsAgency founder aims to help other webpreneurs like him obtain more lucrative opportunities.

The first Ten Minute pages bonus called Conversion Cocktail is meant to enable businesses to convert deadbeat leads into rapid hot raving buyers. By tapping into whats referred to as the emotional hot buttons of every prospect, the Conversion Cocktail will facilitate selling to leads with as little effort as possible. The free tool will also show email marketing strategies and how to build profitable lists.

The second free tool valued at $ 1,000, Traffic Rolodex, is dubbed as The little black book of traffic sources that get you $ 100,000 – $ 250,000 Traffic Rolodex. Meanwhile, the Ultimate Money-Getting Formula illustrates further lucrative opportunities and how to capitalise on fast-growing Internet marketing communities.

Graham says that most webpreneurs experience difficulties and anxieties when outsourcing their website design. After going through the costly and time-consuming process of building the website, Graham notes that the challenges with the technology and the frustrations will have been for nothing because the website ends up not providing desired results for the business. He says of his software creation, Ten Minute Pages was designed to fundamentally address all of these challenges. We are marketers at the core We study marketing, we know marketing so from the ground-up every pixel was designed with results in mind.

Hussyin and Graham also point out that tech challenged entrepreneurs need not worry about going through a complicated process in using the tool. According to Graham, there is no need to download Ten Minute Pages, and there is no installation required. Once purchased, buyers only need their username and password to access the website creation tool, along with the exclusive giveaways.

For more information on what the Ten Minute Pages can do and for further details on the three exclusive bonuses, go to Shaqir Hussyins and the Ten Minute Pages websites today.

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