‘Share A Coke’ campaign …Coca Cola, a marketing genius!!!

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15 Responses to ‘Share A Coke’ campaign …Coca Cola, a marketing genius!!!

  1. allrippedup1 says:

    what the fuck is this shit. Fuck coke.

  2. Zaia Sarkis says:

    This vid had simlar techniques as the kony vid lol

  3. iAKSHAY5000 says:

    Is there a problem?

  4. ETSSheep says:

    For the business, yes. Money is everything.

  5. powerslamreviews says:

    I like the way you do that with this video

  6. lollipop1165 says:

    you clearly didn’t find your name printed on a coke can

  7. Bhavika Sicka says:

    It’s funny how people will fall prey to any sort of marketing gimmick. I mean, c’mon. How’s this a big deal? Wow. Your name is on a Coke bottle because it’s a generic name and the company has big bucks to throw around, not because you’ve achieved something in life. Also, Coke is shit for your health, and the environment. Consumer are so easy to win over. Sigh.

  8. rohanekbote says:

    Australians had learnt to stay healthy… Coke reversed it 😉 :-P

  9. Mrsparshjain says:

    Marketing Genius… :)

  10. marialmarion says:


  11. parworld says:

    My name is Coke. This happened to me long ago.

  12. bull street says:

    in arab countries share a coke with abdul OVER 90000000!! people

  13. anacarolinahess says:

    Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap 1901 – Phoenix

  14. greasyslimeball says:

    what song is playing in the background?

  15. Hotmedal says:

    Because most people drink coke to stay healthy.

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