Sharing in Google Docs

Sharing in Google Docs

We’ve added new features to Google Docs sharing that makes it easy to see how you’ve shared your files, and simplified the sharing interface to give you more…

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22 Responses to Sharing in Google Docs

  1. Kenneth Prince says:

    find google docs confusing when trying to change ability to let others edit email sent them

  2. Lisa Cortes says:

    Oh yeah, I agree…I love Microsoft Onenote

  3. Porsche Duésnburg says:

    Dunno if you’ve been answered yet but I figure I’d throw in my 2 pennies. I have found that if you share with someone directly (like emailing it to another person, a collaborator) they will need a gmail to edit it. Otherwise, depending on the share status of the file in question, all they will likely be able to do is comment or use the chat assuming they even get that far. Hope this helps! :)

  4. Dasnakeable says:

    how do you put it on your youtube channel? 

  5. Kurt Smith says:

    Ughhh I love you Goggle but you didn’t have to buy youtube. I hate having to make a Gmail account to make a channel instead of Yahoo or Hotmail :(.

  6. monkey6573 says:

    Docs is a million times easier for sharing and collaborating than word.

  7. James Snow says:

    – you need to sign in to your Google account to access any doc. You use a password when you sign in. All users you share with must also enter their password to get access

  8. VundaF says:

    I always use Google Docs and this is really helpful.

  9. Zendog500 says:

    FALSE. People I send the link to cannot open the documents 50% of the time. Why>?

  10. Connor McFarlane says:

    your on Peter Smyths Acount!!!!!

  11. Weslley Reis says:


  12. cue4589 says:

    How about Onenote or Evernote in google docs? Please Please Please!!! Google make It reality.

  13. somerealnews says:

    Hey Google. Can you tell the assholes in the Youtube copyright office to process my damned Viacom counternotice. Over a month of getting my chain jerked. AGAIN! You scum bags sent cops to harass my 70 yr old mother who has high blood pressure and just recovered from a stroke? You r piss poor excuses for humans

  14. MoJoSB says:

    Good just wanted this so they can read all your docs, sell more crap to you… Giggle is anything but God… Giggle is evil…

  15. deecee720 says:

    Please quit smoking today, By learning how smoking can really affect You and Your life

  16. mitakabiz says:

    it is easy and great service, Thanks Google =)

  17. NerdyFerdy says:

    no i think google is going somewhere

  18. superknife24 says:

    getting a bit obssessed are we?

  19. perfectoled says:

    I love it ..GOOGLE cool …

  20. recaked says:

    If Google were a chick…I’d totally “date” her.

  21. barirdeeee2 says:

    clik on the ball for the vuvuzela

  22. FurnitureFan says:

    I don’t think a password’s needed. If you’re sharing with a person, you’ve given that person access already, why add another password? My group wouldn’t use it if they had to log in *and* key in a second password. I think it’s great as it is.

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