SHARK MURDER and MORE. IMG! episode 8

LOL, THE UGLIEST PERSON ON FACEBOOK: After an awesome week at NY ComicCon, here are some of my favorite images from this week :) ***** LINKS ****** Scary woman: Dangerous bike balance: Bieber next to sign: Old woman with sword: heart T-shirts: Awkward Family Photos: Bong Grandma Hot(?) Bieber Dad: Obama Book image: Anime eye make-up: Funny shadows: Three guys: Weird legs: BroBible: Facebook tricks and pranks: Animals eating Animals: Animal eating a kid: Other images via YOU at

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22 Responses to SHARK MURDER and MORE. IMG! episode 8

  1. codyrules987 says:

    HAHA I HAVE NO PIC! pwnd u nub =P

  2. Juxtapose713 says:

    haha funny trick, no wonder he said I cant even tell if its a boy or a girl….

  3. Diego Arana says:

    Chuck norris had a facebook account when his mom was 7

  4. James Martin says:

    Vsauce why :(

  5. trocken94 says:

    don’t forget the “i am actually so in love with nature-“photos

  6. InsrtBrainzHere says:

    Watch out everybody , we have a badass over here.

  7. AwesomeCreeperGirl says:

    lucky. I’m 12 and i still don’t have one. >:(

  8. TheExtremeturtle says:

    i think i cried a little

  9. spongebobcrazy24 says:

    same with me.

  10. mary majcherek says:

    My pic is the Cinderalla Castle

  11. mary majcherek says:

    I have a Facebook acount even though im ten.

  12. NeptuneMS385 says:

    I watched Vsauce with a Vsauce commercial Win.

  13. nejitentenlee21 says:

    I almost did almost suit brick

  14. XxMKRifterxX says:

    : No he is justin biieber’s dad me: …

  15. 56clockwork says:

    Theres a black guy between the first two.

  16. TheGuyFromUme says:

    Fuck me that’s one ugly profile!

  17. AnAngryGranny says:

    Ha, I see what you did with the facebook thing there, ya jerk.

  18. PleezPlusTanQ says:

    a Knork :L hahahahahaha brilliant :L

  19. theawesumnl says:

    1:26 i dont get it?

  20. youngturk156 says:

    i get the trick know wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 

  21. youngturk156 says:

    its hurts that u said the ugliest facebook pic that fucking hurts me i have FEELINGS ;(

  22. youngturk156 says:


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