She’s Blowing You Off -Top 10 Signs!!

A lot of you guys have been asking: How Do I know if she’s blowing me off, or just playing games? Well here are some signs that it’s a blow-off! The Wing Girls is a weekly dating advice show for guys. Hosts Jet and Star give their opinions and how-to advice about relationships, sex, kissing, dating, and everything every guy wants to know about girls. New episodes every Wednesday! Watch us on E! Entertainment tomorrow Thursday Feb. 9th on “World’s Sexiest Couples” and “World’s Sexiest Supernaturals” Yay!!!! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @thewinggirls GOOGLE PLUS: GET A WG POSTER:
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17 Responses to She’s Blowing You Off -Top 10 Signs!!

  1. joseph mohammed says:


  2. Sacher01 says:

    Wanna get coffee? I’ve got a Starbucks 2 for 1 loooll

  3. Flames0fFury says:

    5 there

  4. Andrew Kosyjana says:

    I’ve learned you can compound the problem, by not knowing she’s blowing you off and keep trying to get in touch with her, then you look even more desperate and needy, whatever chance you had of getting with her, will disapper. If I think she is doing this then I let i go. The main lesson her is that they don’t want to talk to you but aren’t going to come out and say it to your face, you have to read between the lines and interpret their actions why they are doing what they are doing.

  5. Mr88xaxa says:

    OMG! #5 is so annoying!!! I didn’t have the chance to say anything ans she said: My boyfriend blah blah blah! Bitch, please!

  6. what3is4life says:

    this just makes me hate the human race even more

  7. devonike says:

    I know right

  8. Wolf78033 says:

    how can you tell if she’s blowing you?

  9. ScoobysDisciple says:

    hahahha i love this. thanks girls. really. appreciate you sharing these things with us men.

  10. Keno Clayton says:

    she just replies k or oh, or i dunno or even im not sure to every message

  11. TrackMasterAsh says:

    santana ftw

  12. Kenai8000 says:

    She says shes lesbian.

  13. Jaythefire666 says:

    “Go home and rent bulldozers!” lol.

  14. shrapn0 says:

    Well give me a robe and call me Hugh Hefner, because I’m being blown off daily.

  15. klitschko88 says:

    After every sign I’m like “YES”

  16. BasketballMusic13 says:

    shes still blowing you off

  17. PeaceLoveLaugh821 says:

    Well, I didn’t answer any of his texts and at school I tried to avoid him.

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