Shin Koyamada in NO MIND

Koyamada tells Tom Cruise about being NO MIND in The Last Samurai

21 thoughts on “Shin Koyamada in NO MIND

  1. You guys are missing what no mind actually means. its a state a warrior enters where they stop thinking. They simply act. Its primal and fearsome, and required. Its not a Buddhist ideal, its just something all warriors, regardless of nationality, must do. A battle trance if you will.

  2. One thing that I always try to take away from it is “too much mind.” That’s what separates a real fighter from mma is the mental freedom. Critique and learning what people think and learning from it is important. Letting it imprison you is toxic. The american culture loves to imprison. I’ve had people tell me “don’t challenge a black belt… don’t do this don’t do that…” basically, “don’t learn, think, improve because failing will cause us to think badly of you.” Well I say “too much mind.”

  3. “The mind is like a phantom that lives only in the past or future,its only power over you is to draw your attention out of the present……the time always was,is,and always will be now!”..Way of the peaceful warrior….

  4. “Mushin,” in simple English, is a state of awareness that one enters in to that is void of distracting thoughts and emotions, which in turn produces a state of mental clarity and heightened perception.

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